Thursday, September 9, 2010

back on the wagon

Maybe there's something about getting older that drives me back to the blogging world.  Lots of things have happened--and haven't happened--since my 24th birthday, and here I am about to turn 25, in a completely different place than I thought I'd be... fancy that. 

Aside from vocational expectations not living up to all I promised myself, personal and family stuff has changed a lot.  It's been a year since we decided it was time to stop trying to prevent pregnancy.  It makes me sick to think of all the times were were terrified I was pregnant before we were ready; now, it's a monthly roller coaster I feel like I might never get off.  Dogs, kitchen remodeling, having a great house... none of that is the same as having a family.  I don't understand God's timing, but I'm praying for patience and understanding.

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